Paula Deen
by Claire P 16 minutes ago
It still breaks my heart that she lost her job for admitting that she ...
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by Tanya Phillip 18 minutes ago
I woke up unusually hungry this morning and stuffed myself with ...
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French Fries
by Tanya Phillip 24 minutes ago
French fries (Mcains chips) used to be a favourite in my household, ...
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by Amy Chan 25 minutes ago
Tomorrow is payday! I will be getting my first paycheck ever :D I ...
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Robin Williams
by Eden Silverfox 29 minutes ago
It's been a little over a week since the death of Robin Williams and ...
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by Tanya Phillip 30 minutes ago
For some of us, wrinkles, laughter lines, strech marks appear very ...
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by Orianthi M 32 minutes ago
I just tried and got the same no activtities available message. I ...
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by Tanya Phillip 34 minutes ago
I had a short night and looked very dull and tired this morning so ...
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Daily Poll
by Trish L 36 minutes ago
I didn't know, but that is great. I already try to read and post ...
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Grocery Shopping
by Tanya Phillip 41 minutes ago
I did my mid week shopping early this morning and it was great using ...
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by Tanya Phillip 44 minutes ago
Wow, Me Elon Musk is one brilliant, intelligent individual, i wish I ...
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by Tanya Phillip 51 minutes ago
Wow, 7 sites is a lot, but if the earnings are fast and the surveys ...
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Mystery Shopper
by Suzette Sutton 2 hours ago
I am going to try and get certified by a site called NARMS. It is ...
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World Of Warcraft
by Whitney S 2 hours ago
I thought it was really stupid at first as well when I played with my ...
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The Reading Room
by Terry McDermott 2 hours ago
It Happened at the Zebra Races Part VIII “I do not make deals with ...
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Winter Clothes
by Rachel B. 3 hours ago
I hate winter! But I do love the winter clothes I see, a lot is ...
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by Lauren Andrews 3 hours ago
Akjfljgbdfklasjfjf Jesus. So what about those who never want ...
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Westboro Baptist Church
by Lauren Andrews 3 hours ago
They make me laugh, especially for how much other Christians scramble ...
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Mitt Romney
by Lauren Andrews 3 hours ago
Didn't vote for him the first time, wouldn't vote for him ever. He ...
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by Joan K 4 hours ago
I am with you Tutti..I think when it comes to people, cloning is ...
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