by Rachael Wooldridge 40 seconds ago
That's pretty cool if they send you something like this in a baggie ...
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Youth Suicide
by Shelby Rennee 40 seconds ago
Us suicidal people need someone there for us... I know it's hard ...
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Fox News
by Kimberly Coleman 2 minutes ago
I actually hate to watch our fox news there is always a good couple ...
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Doctor Who
by Kimberly Coleman 3 minutes ago
I have still yet to watch a single one of these shows can someone plz ...
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by Eleanor Haklar 3 minutes ago
I love cold refreshing spring water. Too bad our city water is also ...
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Amazon Gift Cards
by Angel Riffe 3 minutes ago
I'm currently saving any amazon gift cards I receive towards a PS4. I ...
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Mr Bean
by D-Rel Villanueva 3 minutes ago
funny for reals. mr epic man! is awesome one day mr. bean i will meet ...
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Powerpuff Girls
by Kimberly Coleman 4 minutes ago
As shocked as I was but very thrilled that this was one of my sons ...
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by Teresa Mathews 4 minutes ago
His bites will go to the dogs. I'm not supposed to drive my car in ...
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Marsha Blackburn
by Andy Haupritch 6 minutes ago
Sorry, I changed it to the entire quote, but it still doesn't make ...
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The Cosby Show
by Kimberly Coleman 7 minutes ago
This show I still watch . I love it. No cursing or any of that ...
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Celebrity Ghost Stories
by Kimberly Coleman 8 minutes ago
Watched this show once and will never again UNLESS it's to see manson ...
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Sarah Palin
by Anne Hartman 8 minutes ago
ROFLMAO! Now her true fans can give her some of their hard-earned ...
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by Claire P 12 minutes ago
What a great animal mother you are. I love cats, and have had one as ...
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Andy Griffith Show
by Kimberly Coleman 12 minutes ago
This is classic tv. I loved watching this show withmy grandparents . ...
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by Kimberly Coleman 13 minutes ago
I never liked this show and I think I know why! Ever since I watched ...
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by Big L 14 minutes ago
All it takes is one guy who can't aim to ruin it for everyone. ...
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by Kimberly Coleman 15 minutes ago
Love this show. I think it's even more appealing that some one some ...
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The Biggest Loser
by Kimberly Coleman 16 minutes ago
My sis in law watches this all the time and I remember once she had ...
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Pawn Stars
by Kimberly Coleman 18 minutes ago
I like shows like this but I can't say that I am to much f a fan of ...
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