Mozilla Firefox
by MacKenzie Drake 4 minutes ago
You might consider running AdAware followed up by Malwarebytes. I ...
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Good Morning
by Emily Jansen 8 minutes ago
Good morning. Its July 22 and can't believe this month is almost gone ...
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Daily Poll
by Kris Stowers 10 minutes ago
Hey Trish, just read the rules in the drop down box. They're really ...
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Candy Crush
by Hasan Mahmud 12 minutes ago
Awesome game. I love this game. Now I am at 164 level. Hope I can ...
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by Patricia Cook 17 minutes ago
Or, the poor guy, he might have sat on a wad of chewed up gum, or ...
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by Emily Jansen 18 minutes ago
This past week I haven't been able to get on here too much. Its been ...
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by Kori Biggs 18 minutes ago
Honestly I don't know much about the Kinsey scale specifically so I ...
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Online Jobs
by Lei M 19 minutes ago
When you do activities on the sites, you get points plus you get ...
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by Mrs. Wilson 19 minutes ago
Also I've gotten a ton a coupons from calling the 1-800 numbers on ...
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by Mrs. Wilson 20 minutes ago
I see so many projects for these online. My friend made these outside ...
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by Mrs. Wilson 21 minutes ago
I have a couple of these with old family videos that I would love to ...
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Amazon Gift Cards
by Mrs. Wilson 23 minutes ago
I do buy myself some things from time to time. I haven't in awhile ...
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Loyalty Cards
by Kate Sander 28 minutes ago
Tanya, quite often stores do have loyalty cards you just need to ask. ...
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by Angie Martin 29 minutes ago
I just cut them in half and take out the pit. Sprinkle them with ...
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Date Rape
by Kris Stowers 33 minutes ago
A woman (and man) has a right to say no at any time. The kind of ...
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by Vasantha Harinath 36 minutes ago
I use cumin in almost all dishes I make. I use both whole cumin and ...
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by Vasantha Harinath 41 minutes ago
I always like to know what is in the food I'm eating. The side ...
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Daily Rituals
by Tanya Phillip 53 minutes ago
My daily rituals seem to be taking a back seat in the last week, I ...
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by Tanya Phillip 59 minutes ago
Good for you for hitting your 200 points, the most I have done was ...
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Hot Pockets
by Amy Chan 1 hour ago
That's the same for Costco. There's only the Ham & Cheese and ...
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