by Tanya Phillip 16 minutes ago
02 / 09 / 14 We need Jesus Christ to walk beside one another in love, ...
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Texting And Driving
by Kathi Hillis 17 minutes ago
I tend to agree with you, Tanya about the sentences. I'm afraid it ...
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Entertainment News
by Betsy Nutt 36 minutes ago
Yes, I was thinking the same thing! Although I do not condone the ...
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Grocery Shopping
by Amy Chan 40 minutes ago
I'm starting to love grocery shopping here in Japan. It's because the ...
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Random Acts Of Kindness
by Faye R 44 minutes ago
I agree there are not enough of people willing to do anything for ...
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Daily Poll
by Rhonda Farley 49 minutes ago
Yes, not only does the new look happen around here tomorrow at ...
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by Rhonda Farley 50 minutes ago
good morning Faye, I set my goal again today for 50 points. I ...
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Todays Weather
by Rhonda Farley 52 minutes ago
Today's weather here in Nashville is supposed to be just in the 80's, ...
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by Amy Chan 1 hour ago
Vegetable curry with rice, corn soup, and a small portion of popcorn ...
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by Bee Hall 2 hours ago
This is a great site to leave comments on and have a great discussion ...
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Gay Marriage
by Bee Hall 2 hours ago
I support gay marriage. It shouldnt be up to anyone but yourself to ...
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Good Morning
by Tanya Phillip 2 hours ago
02/9/14 Good morning everyone, I am looking forward to getting my ...
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by Kate Sander 2 hours ago
I thought i was "cool" when i started and the health risks back then ...
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by Lauren Andrews 3 hours ago
The amount of prostitution has declined over the centuries. The world ...
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Labor Day
by Kathi Hillis 3 hours ago
Hope your Labor Day was nice as well and yes, many consider it the ...
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by Tracey Lucas 3 hours ago
For the first round? It came a couple weeks ago. Still don't know ...
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by Tracey Lucas 4 hours ago
What do you mean? They are on a disc. Like a movie or music. They ...
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by Eden Silverfox 4 hours ago
I'll be going to a Powwow this month. It's one I go to every year and ...
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Technical Support
by Barbara Borreca 4 hours ago
I think technical support is a great thing. But it does have its bad ...
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School Shootings
by Lauren Andrews 4 hours ago
Not sure that these shootings will ever stop now. It's become ...
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