by Tonya Bangart 46 seconds ago
JoAnn, you can see the changes in price by looking in he section ...
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by MJ Knits 46 seconds ago
I make the granola for my breakfast at work! I eat it with plain, ...
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by Leslie Smith 46 seconds ago
My baby was a pampers baby too, from the newborns with the cut out ...
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Orange Is The New Black
by Mystery Person 2 minutes ago
Well that clears up some bits of it.Maybe I should watch it.Yea I'm ...
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by Ken McWilliams 4 minutes ago
Mandy! Welcome aboard. I don't think you will be disappointed. I'll ...
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Abuse In Relationships
by Phyllis Eubanks 5 minutes ago
Hay yall ,I have been abused from 3 husband's ,crazy RIGHT LOL but my ...
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by Heather M 5 minutes ago
Tanya, seeing your comment is reminding me that I should go and put ...
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Religion In Schools
by Joan K 6 minutes ago
Judy.. God belongs and is everywhere. I am not for pushing religion ...
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by Candi Lawson 7 minutes ago
Aw, that is so adorable and so sweet. You must be raising those boys ...
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by Candi Lawson 8 minutes ago
I really can't get too into anime. I'm not a huge fan. I did like the ...
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Kale Soup
by Amber Hart 10 minutes ago
The way I make chips is to rinse the leaves, pat them dry, then ...
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by Steven Cetta 10 minutes ago
Well, maybe, I don't know. Okay, I get it and I do understand. Well, ...
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Sweet Tea
by Big L 11 minutes ago
Sweet tea is a wonderful refreshing drink in the summer! I don't ...
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Earl Grey Tea
by Amber Hart 12 minutes ago
I have fallen in love with Earl Grey tea. If you put a lump of sugar ...
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by Tonya Bangart 12 minutes ago
The only way I can stomach eggs is as the egg white substitute (which ...
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by Phyllis Eubanks 13 minutes ago
Yes Thank you Tracy,,i have been a widow for 12 year's now but I'm ...
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Stay At Home Moms
by Sandy Segur 13 minutes ago
Thank you ladies. Yes, they still need a mother. Most people don't ...
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The Wind Rises
by Tutti Harris 13 minutes ago
I don't understand this one.. What is TheWind Rises... I read one of ...
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Reusable Bags
by Sandy Segur 15 minutes ago
I think it was a good idea. Using A reusable bag to save money and ...
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Teenage Problems
by Sydney Olivarez 15 minutes ago
This is a great point Ken, many younger teens are put down by thier ...
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